At KCTS, Seattle

Greg was never an employee of KCTS9 television in Seattle, but he enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the station for more than fifteen years. He was hired, project to project, to write and host documentaries for which the station had secured funding, usually from PBS and/or CPB (the Corporation for Public Broadcasting). Sometimes his work involved salvaging programs that were foundering under other production teams, in danger of falling apart before completion. And, in turn, he used KCTS9 as the requisite public broadcasting affiliate/funding recipient for a program he himself developed, Vaudeville, a subject dear to his heart.

The Black & White Years
At KCTS9 Greg also hosted, wrote, and/or produced local documentaries (Last Night at the Doghouse; KCTS: The Black and White Years; KCTS: Fifty Great Moments from Fifty Great Years), and provided occasional commentaries for public affairs programming (link below to samples).

Upon Greg's death, longtime KCTS executive producer/host Enrique Cerna presented, on KCTS Connects, a generous review of Greg's career in television.

Death: The Trip of a Lifetime

The Art of Magic


Video Game Revolution

The Perilous Fight

Inside Passage

Sample "KCTS Connects" commentary

Sample "Friday" commentary