"Cultures of the native peoples receive rich treatment throughout this program, which includes a trove of historical photos of long houses and ocean-going canoes. Those new to native arts and stories will be astonished by what they see and hear. And native people are not merely visited in the program as quaint relics of the past. Footage of natives today carving cedar, working silver, paddling canoes, beading and speaking their languages, along with the choice of a native host for much of the program, subtly and smartly make the point: We were here. We are still here."

Lynda Mapes, The Seattle Times

Inside Passage

First broadcast on KCTS in December 2005
Co-production of KCTS Television and Palmer/Fenster Inc.
Executive Producer Rupert Macnee
Written and produced by Greg Palmer
An exploration, in HDTV, of the geography and cultural history of the thousand-mile waterway from Puget Sound to coastal British Columbia to the panhandle of Alaska. Reporter Lynda Mapes called the program "a must-see for anyone who has traveled the Inside Passage, and especially, for anyone who hasn't. The richness of the ideas presented in 'Inside Passage' is matched by footage of the landscape that can only be called delicious. Long, lingering shots let the beauty of the passage speak for itself." Hosts Chenoa Egawa and Bob Simmons interweave historical photographs, the work of master artists, and first-person accounts, by natives and non-natives (among them, Jonathan Raban), of their experience of the Passage. [60 minutes]