From the Hit and Run Players

ANNOUNCER: "Are you looking for an exciting, adventurous, dangerous vacation? Bored with earthquake-prone San Francisco, and crime-clogged New York? Tired of climbing mountains and shooting rapids? Looking for real thrills? Then come to threatening, mysterious, dangerous Hanford!! Hanford, Washington, where nature's wonders and science's garbage have combined to take your breath away in very slow stages!!"

MAN 1: "I'll never forget my first vacation in Hanford. You go to some other places, all you come away with is a tan, a souvenir, and maybe a hotel towel. At Hanford, you never know what you might be leaving with!!"

WOMAN 1: "Here at the Atomic Energy Commission we're very big on Hanford. It has just about everything, and it's going to have it forever."

WOMAN 2: "My children especially loved the amusement park, Radioactiveland. It was very educational for them, seeing wax figures of Fermi and Teller and Oppenheimer and Truman and all the other bomb biggies. And what a delightful surprise when we went outside and found out that we all glowed in the dark, even the dog!"

ANNOUNCER: "These thrillseekers haven't been discouraged by the talk of complete safety, and neither should you. At Hanford, it's happening all around you, 24 hours a day! So when planning your next vacation, try Hanford, in the heart of Van Allen country! It might be an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life!!"

© Greg Palmer
Broadcast on KTW radio, Seattle, during 1974