"The script and lyrics were confected engagingly by Greg Palmer, the bouncy showbizzy music was composed by John Engerman, and the whole shebang was imaginatively staged and choreographed A good time was had by all!"
- Wayne Johnson, The Seattle Times

"Visually enchanting and howlingly funny!"

- Freddie Brinster, Journal American, Bellevue (WA)

The Big Bad Wolf (and How He Got That Way)

Commissioned by The Empty Space Theatre, Seattle, Washington, 1989
Book and Lyrics by Greg Palmer
Music by John Engerman
Premiere production directed and choreographed by Steve Tomkins
Published by Eldridge Plays & Musicals, as revised in 2009
A rousing musical defense of The Wolf, presented in the Panto style beloved by the Brits for their holiday family entertainment. English Panto features fairy tales (frequently fractured) for the kids, an overlay of sometimes naughty sophistication for the adults, and lots of bad puns, cross-dressing, songs, people in animal suits, and magical transformations.

The script tumbles together tales of wolves from Grimm and other folk traditions--and makes the pigs into the real villains. They are clever media manipulators with only their own swinish interests at heart. The fourteen songs include Blame It on the Wolf, The Fifth Deadly Sin Ballet, Grand March of the Swine, There Is Nothing Like a Mob, and Do I Dare to Dream of You?

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