Figures of Authority

Greg performed Figures of Authority—four monologues by the characters Dato, Grumpy, Helmut, and Darrin—at the Seattle Fringe [Theatre] Festival, September 18-28, 2003. He billed himself as The Just One Old White Guy Company, and gratefully accepted help from Laurence Ballard in directing the production.

He provided this blurb about the play for the Festival program. "The Moscow May Day Parade Grand Marshal, a famously disputatious dwarf, a lonely Swiss border guard and a hapless advertising man confront reality, history, love, yodeling, destiny, Nazis, nuns, pediatric chiropractors, Cesar Romero, electricity, and the audience. Questions will be taken. No one will actually yodel. The Dwarf might whistle."

See the link below to the program for the production—which, in some ways, was as much a comedy performance as what took place on stage.

The seven performances were well received and attended. Christopher Comte, writing for, praised the "few sparkling gems in the rough of four character monologues, all joined by the experience of dealing with the amusing and often frustrating vicissitudes of power and authority. While not the most engaging performer (as he clearly acknowledges), the depth of his writing more than compensates for his inadequacies as an actor. He's really a storyteller, and when his vignettes settle into their grooves, they can be compelling and poignant, with flashes of wry humor."

In an irony that any of his four characters would have appreciated (although Greg really, really didn't), his company received none of its box office proceeds—because it was among the "successful" productions, that is, those that actually attracted audiences. The SFF producers took the unusual step (before declaring bankruptcy the following year) of dividing all proceeds from the Festival among the productions which had done little business—and stiffing the successful producers.

To paraphrase Bartleby, Ah humanity! Ah Authority!

Figures of Authority program

"Grumpy" script