CityPlay, a "play for voices about Seattle's first decade, premiered at Salty's on Alki Beach on November 12, 2006, around the point from where Seattle's first settlers had landed. A second presentation was given at the Museum of History and Industry auditorium on November 14th.

In the program Author's Note Greg said, "CityPlay is a project of the Descendants Committee, established in 2004 by descendants of Seattle's non-native founders and of the Duwamish. It is no exaggeration to say that some of Seattle's founders would not have survived 155 years ago without the support of Chief Sealth and his people. Committee members seek to bring that tradition of friendship and assistance full circle by supporting the contemporary Duwamish in building a longhouse and cultural center," which has since opened.

Greg went on to say, "We hope CityPlay reinforces the fact that indigenous people were vitally involved in the founding and prospering of Seattle. CityPlay used the voices and writings of Seattle pioneers and natives, some from their own writings, some from contemporary newspaper reportage. Sources include: Roger Conant's screamingly funnyMercer's Belles: The Journal of a Reporter; Voices of Ballard; Bill Speidel's often accurate Sons of the Profits and Doc Maynard: The Man Who Invented Seattle; Washingtonians: A Biographical Portrait of the State; Roger Sale's excellent Seattle Past to Present; Arthur Denny's 1887 autobiography Pioneer Days on Puget Sound; Roberta Frye Watts's wonderful Four Wagons West; King County and Its Emerald City; Westward to Alki: The Story of David and Louisa Denny; and Sophie Frye Bass's charming Pig-Tail Days in Old Seattle.

Greg also acknowledged the inspiration provided by son Ned Palmer, "who loves his ancestor Arthur Denny a lot more than the people who actually knew Arthur probably loved him."

Voices for the original performances were provided by Feliks Banel, Deb Fialkow, Louise Jones-Brown (a Maple and Van Asselt descendant), Greg Palmer (a relative through marriage of Arthur Denny), James Rasmussen (Duwamish Tribal Council member, and Greg's co-writer), and Bob Simmons. The script has since been used in classrooms studying early Seattle history.

CityPlay script

CityPlay program