An invitation to his parents' fiftieth-anniversary party, from Greg and his brother

If you think about the great events of 1939,
World War Two is probably the one that comes to mind.
We read the cheery "Grapes of Wrath," or "Mein Kampf," just translated,
DDT was introduced, and atoms separated.
An earthquake killed a zillion Turkes; Freud finally packed it in;
And America was warbling, "I'll never smile again."

But included in the famine, hunger, pestilence and war,
'39 was still a fine time for what Frenchmen call "L'Amour."
Scarlett found her Rhett (who later didn't give a damn);
Dorothy found her Toto; Ninotchka found a man.
But the love that soared above them all like an--Ahem--bald eagle,
Began in '39 when Gert and Harvard made it legal.

To commemorate this great event that led to our conception,
The undersigned invite you to a Golden A. Reception.
On Sunday, August thirteenth, at the College Club no less,
From 4 to 7 we'd like you to come and be our guest.
The mood will be informal, as befits the honored duo,
And at the College Club garage you can park for not a sou-o.
A no-gift fête in other words we hope will be quite nifty,
So come and see the Palmers as they launch their second fifty.