Of the speeches Greg gave, many were to audiences interested in the subjects of his television documentaries--funeral directors grateful not to have been Mitfordized once again in Greg's "Death project," vaudeville artists at Seattle's Moisture Festival eager to see full clips of the masters' acts that had been truncated (for reasons of time and money) in Greg's documentary about vaudeville. Other speeches were tailored to audiences for a particular book--Jews and veterans who had read the collection of Rabbi David Max Eichhorn's World War II letters that Greg had co-edited, parents and advocates for the disabled drawn by his account of life with son Ned, Adventures in the Mainstream: Coming of Age with Down Syndrome.

But, as a "former minor local celebrity" (a label he self-administered), Greg was also called upon to address more general audiences, at the occasional civic gathering or graduation ceremony. Usually those requesting his services were hoping for some humor leavening the gravitas or advice. Usually, that's just what they got.


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