Features were a recurring element of Greg's work as a writer, some spun off from his broadcast pieces, or excerpted from his books.

The earliest examples were published in "Bottom's Up," a column he wrote as editor for his school newspaper, the Mercer Hi Times, a year when he also played Bottom the Ass in A Midsummer Night's Dream. During the time he worked as a broadcaster in Seattle, he also contributed occasionally to local weekly newspapers. A series of articles commissioned by Eastsideweek, about growing up on Mercer Island in the 1950s and '60s, he assembled and expanded as his final book, Cheese Deluxe.

Later in his life, Greg wrote several pieces about his travels, or about the view from home. His friend Terry Tazioli, then travel editor for The Seattle Times, commissioned several features about Greg's adventures around the world—in Tahiti, in once-Soviet Georgia, in the San Juans. And Nugzar Ruhadze, a Georgian actor and journalist who appeared in both stage and screen versions of Greg's The Falcon, commissioned a series of features, Letters from America, for an online Georgian journal, published in English.


"Bottom's Up" columns [1964-65]

Breakfast in America [1988]

Remembering the Muppet Man [1990]

God Save the Clown [1990]

The Short Goodbye [1990]

On Moorea [September 2, 2001]

Hunting for Haunted Places around the Northwest [October 28, 2001]

Letter from America #1 [2006]

The Real Georgia [October 7, 2007]