Greg practiced the loosely defined genre of commentary from a very early age. An iconic family story has Greg, a late walker, happily propped in the corner at his two-year-olds playgroup, busily commenting on the activities of his fellow toddlers, who were by then staggering around the room.

Most of Greg's commentary was humorous—rarely as mild as gentle but rarely bitter either. From the 229 iterations of "The Palmer Report" that he crammed into little more than a year on the air at KTW radio, Seattle, to television pieces for KING5 and KCTS, to his late work for the online journal Crosscut, Greg never doubted that he could find something lively to say about a topical topic. And, almost always, he was right.


The Palmer Report No. 1 (KTW radio, 1974)
The Palmer Report No. 69 (KTW radio, 1974)
The Palmer Report No. 80 (KTW radio, 1974)
The Palmer Report No. 145 (KTW radio, 1974)
KCTS Connects: Dot Com (KCTS9 television, 2000-01 season)
Friday #1: Sports Facilities
Crosscut commentaries