Cindy Perkins, Medical Librarian, Children's Hospital Central California, Madera, CA -- "This book written by Greg Palmer chronicles a two year journey taken by his son Ned who is 21 and about to graduate from high school in the Seattle area. Ned has Down Syndrome and needs to be prepared to find a job and 'go out into the real world'. Greg writes in a diary format with entries from himself, his wife Cathy and Ned. He includes a boy's trip he and Ned took after graduation to the British Isles and how Ned coped with all that adventure. Ned helps in his old classroom as a teacher's aide, conducts the high school choir and has a variety of other activities in his quest. Ned enters a vocational program through the University of Washington, works in a mailroom and has a position as an intern. He studies and takes a test to become a certified food handler (work in a fast food restaurant). His mother explains to him in a down to earth manner that he has Down Syndrome and therefore his life is different from others his age.

This easy to read book which is hard to put down sheds light on Down Syndrome children and all their parents' fears once their children reach the age they cannot go to school. Greg Palmer shares his fears, joys, rewards, anxious moments and all the emotions that he went through as he and Cathy worked to help Ned adjust to life outside of school. In reading this book I felt I knew both Greg and Ned personally. Each parent of an adolescent with Down Syndrome who is concerned about the future needs to read this book."